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Dov Gordon helps consultants get ideal clients by becoming “under-the-radar” leaders in their industry. 

Dov Gordon helps consultants use “backwards” networking to reach their ideal clients, consistently.

Experienced consultants know that the best clients come from referrals and relationships.

But referrals are unpredictable.  And relationships take lots of time.

Instead, Dov helps you become an “under-the-radar leader” in your industry.

It gets better, because Dov shows you how to leverage the relationship marketing you’ve been doing for free - into a six figure revenue stream.  It’s all at

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As seen in:
"Dov Gordon is a brilliant strategist. He’s easily able to synthesize and simplify ideas and using any number of frameworks he’s developed from years of research and client work. As a result, the most complex concepts become simple, the hidden insights are illuminated, and the steps to overcome hugely challenging problems are made clear.

I highly recommend you listen to Dov–before your competition does."
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Curtis N. Bingham
Founder/Chief Customer Officer Council,
President, Predictive Consulting Group, Inc.

"I asked Dov to help me do some things to move my business to the next level.... I've been doing consulting for about 15 years, I've closed millions of dollars worth of contracts, and I thought I was pretty good at having a sales conversation with a potential client. But we made a few little tweaks based on his Elegant Sales Conversation model, and within the first week I closed a new client for double my normal fee...

If you're thinking at all about needing to get more sales and close more effectively and have clients that are just sitting in that meeting, waiting to give you money, then you need to pay attention to this training, because the way that Dov has put it together is very powerful."

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The Unstoppable CEO
Steve Gordon (no relation)
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