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Dov Gordon is lucky - he gets paid to do what he'd anyway do for free...

I've heard it said that the best business is one where you can figure out how to get paid for what you'd anyway do for free.

That makes me lucky indeed, because I never intended for JVMM to be a source of revenue, let along my main business focus.  And yet - here we are.

I ran it for free for the first eight years.  But we grew dramatically, and I needed to know who really wanted to be there.  The only solution was to start to charge.

Beginning to charge for JVMM was a "leap" for me.  I was afraid of losing all these great relationships.  I was afraid we'd drop to ten, maybe twenty members.

Alas... things worked out way better than I expected!

Forty-five members chose to continue!

And since then, we've continued to grow and grow - with literally 98% of  new members introduced by an existing member.

In early 2022, I decided it was time for another "leap".  I decided to shut down my own boutique coaching business and make JVMM my main thing. (I still do some 1 on 1 coaching when it's a good fit.)

I had no great strategic plan - other than to always serve my members as best as I can.  And that has served us all very well.

And that's why I'm so lucky: What I did for free for eight years is now my business!

My goal for every JVMM member is that every year you earn at least 100x your annual investment.

If you're a good fit for JVMM, my goal for you is that you, too, will earn at least 100x your investment each year.

Naturally, you'll then want you to stick with us for at least 100 years.   ;-)

Is JVMM for you?  Watch the videos on our homepage and you'll have the information you need to decide.

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"Dov Gordon is a brilliant strategist. He’s easily able to synthesize and simplify ideas and using any number of frameworks he’s developed from years of research and client work. As a result, the most complex concepts become simple, the hidden insights are illuminated, and the steps to overcome hugely challenging problems are made clear.

I highly recommend you listen to Dov–before your competition does."
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Curtis N. Bingham
Founder/Chief Customer Officer Council,
President, Predictive Consulting Group, Inc.

"I asked Dov to help me do some things to move my business to the next level.... I've been doing consulting for about 15 years, I've closed millions of dollars worth of contracts, and I thought I was pretty good at having a sales conversation with a potential client. But we made a few little tweaks based on his Elegant Sales Conversation model, and within the first week I closed a new client for double my normal fee...

If you're thinking at all about needing to get more sales and close more effectively and have clients that are just sitting in that meeting, waiting to give you money, then you need to pay attention to this training, because the way that Dov has put it together is very powerful."

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The Unstoppable CEO
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