Coaching with Dov Gordon
Do You Need Some Help Getting Clients -
but Don't Want Another Expensive Coaching Program?
A Consistent Flow of Ideal Clients Coaching - Pay-As-You-Go!
Do You Need Some Help Getting Clients - but Don’t Want Another Expensive Coaching Program?
A Consistent Flow of Ideal Clients Coaching -
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You need help to grow your business. We all do. It's a fact.
But you don’t always need a long-term coaching program - with an eye-watering five-figure fee.

Sometimes you just need some help around a specific obstacle or opportunity.

Sometimes you just need the ability to ask questions and get feedback from someone who has been there and done that - and who genuinely cares that you succeed.

If that’s true for you, then my new “Consistent Flow of Ideal Clients Coaching - Pay-As-You-Go” is for you.

Instead of committing to $15k, $18k or $30k for a year-long coaching program, we take it one month - and one milestone - at a time.

A Month and A Milestone:
Get One Valuable Thing Done, Earn A Profit On Your Coaching and then You Can Choose Another
Growing your business is a continuous game of Process + Project.

A Process is a series of steps that bring you clients.

A Project is the creation or optimization of any one of those steps.
For example, maybe you will build a marketing and selling process based on public speaking.  That process will have multiple steps.

You map out the steps and then you develop the pieces for each step. Those are your projects.

Each month you and I work together we will have a milestone. And achieving that milestone will be worth multiples of the coaching fee.

Are YOU A Fit for my "Consistent Flow of Ideal Clients" pay-as-you-go coaching?
I’ve been helping consultants, coaches and experts to get ideal clients, consistently, for about 15 years now.

And so I’m going to be very blunt about who I can help - and who I can’t.

What you need to bring:
  • You must have valuable skills.  That means you know how to help solve a frustrating problem and / or achieve a valuable result.
  • You must believe in yourself.  You must know that you can succeed. Yes, we all have doubts, me included.  But if you don’t have an “Inner Knowing” that you can succeed, this isn’t for you.
  • You must take 100% responsibility for your results.  Sure, I’ll play a role.  BUT, I can’t do it for you.  No one can.

    Over the years I've seen that people who accept responsibility for a modest investment - knowing there are no refunds - and who then do the work - they get the best results and are the most gratifying to work with.

YOU are your own guarantee.  But I’m here to help you at every step of the way!
Have you ever found yourself saying something like this...?
"I have a good product. And the engineering skills, and the knowledge - but I don't have the customers. I know a hundred different things. And I can put effort into a hundred different things, but it doesn't really get me very far, not any of them. I want to know that I'm putting my effort in the right place.
"I left the firm to go solo, But soon I found it was very difficult get exposure to the clients I wanted. I have been successful in doing some projects, but I'm not getting to the right people - and the ones I reached, only a few would have been ideal clients. I appear confident, but the reality is I'm missing something and I'm not sure what it is."
So How Does It Work?  What Do You Get?
You get Training + Coaching, as follows:
You'll receive full access to my training library, including:
  • My course called “You: A Force to Be Reckoned With!”, a marketing bootcamp that helps you build out a simple lead gen and sales process based on relationships - online or offline. ($1999 value)
  • My course on "How to Elegantly Lead Your Next Sales Conversation."  ($497 value)
  • My Plenty of Clients training suite ($1999 value)
Each month, coaching will break down into:
  • A 90 minute workshop with me (OR two 50 minute sessions) during which we will define and develop your next top priority.
  • 4 weeks of Q&A and feedback via email, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc, so you are never stuck and you can continuously move forward with confidence! 
Only $25,000 $18,000  $15,000  $9,900  $2000!
 Of course, I want you to hit your initial targets ASAP!  That gives you a nice ROI - and then we can focus on doing even more. And when you do reup for another month,
your investment is only $1,500/month for additional Pay-As-You-Go coaching.
Here is just some of what we can accomplish together:
Perfect your niche with clarity and confidence.

Figure out finally who are the clients you MOST want. Know HOW to find them, HOW to reach them, HOW to close them - fast. No more settling for the wrong clients.

Devise messaging you believe in, that stands out.

You will craft a simple, compelling, head-turning message, designed specifically to get the attention and interest of your ideal clients. No more groping for words to describe what you do.

Tell your stories so you stand out!

You have some very convincing stories, whether you realize it or not.  We will dig them up and you'll begin to tell stories in a way that presells for you.

Killer content, beyond trip wires and gimmes

We work with you personally to present your key ideas and experiences in a way that brings your ideal clients closer to you, so the clients you want will also want YOU.

Elegantly lead your sales conversations to closed deals!

You'll learn how to lead your sales conversations with a humble confidence.  You'll always know what to say - and project the expertise to convert those leads into paying clients.

Step-by-step, built exactly for YOU

We will help you build a step-by-step system, customized for your strengths and targets, all for getting your dream clients into sales conversations, with a polished set of messages and emails designed to get a response.

Your one-hour-a-day SIMPLE marketing plan

One size doesn't fit all on this level. That's why we design your SIMPLE plan just for you, and for consistency! Which means you will only need to be working the plan an hour or so a day, to bring in your ideal clients.  

Multiply what each client pays you with Value Based Fees!

The highest paid consultants don't charge by the hour. They charge by the value they help create.  I'll teach you how to write a value-based-fee proposal so that you can multiply what each client is worth to you!

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Read How Genuine All These Client Quotes Are:
Susan Kleinschmidt
"The biggest difference with the work I did [with Dov] is you’re designing and building a process that fits you, your own personality and your own business."
Jeff Munn
"Dov is great at stripping [things] to only the ESSENTIALS. So you stay focused and on task, and you know you have personalized help whenever you need it."
Chavah Golden
"BOOM! After 4 weeks, I know my audience, I've designed a program. I have never experienced anything like this. Personal attention? I can’t count the ways I have received coaching and feedback.  And not just any coaching and feedback, but insightful and SPOT ON. Direct and clear. Said and done. You guys are simple and clear geniuses"
Sheldon Mayer
"While many are satisfied once they get your credit card, and happy if you drop the ball and don’t bother them, Dov is not happy and he will push you until you are clear in your approach and on the path of success"
Jaap van den Eersten
"Even before completely finishing a rough version of my marketing system, three leads dropped in my lap... Each sales conversation was a pleasant constructive experience where the prospect at some point asked me 'What do you recommend?' ... just as you predicted. Beyond pleasant it was also successful; I closed two out of the three deals...

Many, many thanks for these magic weeks, and looking forward to more magic to come!"
Clarke Ching
"Sales and Marketing, for me, always felt like the first time I visited one of those big Chinese restaurants where the waitresses wheel trolleys of enticing dishes but you have to choose what you want...

Dov and his colleagues, asked what I liked and didn’t like, and how hungry I was, then helped me choose the marketing/sales dishes that would be the most useful for me. I genuinely feel like I'm a new person."
Faroshia Bergraaf-Ashley
"...Dov and his team do things differently. Real interest and interaction, not some FB group. Personal, individualized tracking of your results. You better not be late on an assignment because [they] will hunt you down…in a good and friendly way ;-). You know you'll be held accountable and that's the 1st time I've seen this executed as promised."
Alicia Berberich
"I am notoriously bad at finishing programs I sign up for (bright shiny objects syndrome coupled with busy family schedule). Overall, it’s one of the best programs I’ve done in terms of being able to use the material right away and having a major impact on my business. I would highly recommend Dov."
Tony Mazzotti
"For me, it’s been a massive shift. Massively useful.   It’s the difference between sounding like everyone else and sounding like someone who cares, who can help, and who can attract the right kind of person."
Georgianne Holland
"If you're ready to get out of your comfort zone and create a simple process for business success, you're ready for [Dov's coaching]."
It's easy to work hard - when you know you're working on the right thing.

Don't lose any more time.  

Got questions? Let us know.
Consistent Flow of Clients Coaching
  • Training (lifetime access)
  • 1-1 coaching with Dov
  • 4 weeks of access to Dov for Q&A and feedback.
Want to come back and tackle the next big thing?

for another one-month term

No long term commitment.

No automatic renewal.

One month at a time to ensure you get a consistently huge ROI.
"My quarter started better than I could've imagined!  Just wanted to share my success after not even two weeks:  €5.000 worth of revenue, that's 2 entirely new clients and 1 addition to an existing one. The new clients are talking about extending from there with possible €10.000 programs each (!), that's a big deal for me, believe me." - FA
"We have had a record breaking January where I closed my first 7 figure deal plus two 6 figure deals and two 5 figure deals... all of this after raising prices 20% in the fall. Still using the proposal format, and the sales structure you taught me... Thank you for your invaluable part in this. Without your program, it would not have happened."  - PN
"I set a goal of $500,000 in revenue this period... I'm 2/3rds of the way there after just 1/3 of the time." - MW
"Dov is amazing. Two things I really really appreciate and respect about him are the fact that he cares so much about his clients, and he has this brilliant strategic mind that’s just so good at zeroing in on what’s most important and figuring out solutions to issues that really matter.

Both of those things are rare. I know a fair amount of people that have one or the other of those traits, but it’s very rare to find both of them at once. (In fact, it’s so rare I’ll share with you that I’ve actually tried on multiple occasions to get Dov to leave his business and come work for me in my company. I even tried to buy his business just to get him to join me, but he’s very committed to the work that he does on his own for his clients. So that was a non-starter, but I hope he was flattered at least.)

Really there are very few people in the online world or elsewhere that I respect and appreciate as much as Dov. So if you’re thinking about working with him in some way - consider this my glowing endorsing vote of confidence."
Danny Iny, CEO and Founder, Mirasee
It comes down to this:
If your marketing feels ad hoc and haphazard...

You need some help to make it work for YOU.

Let's get you a simple marketing and selling system in place, now, before any more time goes by.

Any questions? Contact me directly:

Dov Gordon


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