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Dr Todd Snyder on working with Dov Gordon
"Dov Gordon is a brilliant strategist. He’s easily able to synthesize and simplify ideas and using any number of frameworks he’s developed from years of research and client work. As a result, the most complex concepts become simple, the hidden insights are illuminated, and the steps to overcome hugely challenging problems are made clear.

I highly recommend you listen to Dov– before your competition does."
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Curtis N. Bingham
Founder/Chief Customer Officer Council,
President, Predictive Consulting Group, Inc.

"Sales and Marketing, for me, always felt like the first time I visited one of those big Chinese restaurants where the waitresses wheel trolleys of enticing dishes but you have to choose what you want...

Dov asked what I liked and didn’t like, and how hungry I was, then helped me choose the marketing/sales dishes that would be the most useful for me.

I genuinely feel like I'm a new person."

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Clarke Ching
The Bottleneck Guy
Yehudah Greenberg's experience in Dov Gordon's Under-the-Radar Leaders Network
"Because my work matters so much to me, I'm very glad I enrolled in the Force Program with Dov and his team."
"I come from a long line of entrepreneurs who all built their empires at their kitchen table. We're the kind of people who think that whatever we want to do, we can figure it out on our own. My story proves that when you're in the kitchen, reinventing the marketing wheel, you miss out on all the proven paths to business profitability and mastery... If you're ready to get out of your comfort zone and create a simple process for business success, you're ready."

- Georgianne Holland
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Stephane Fjelddahl
"I would highly recommend this program, especially if you lack clarity in how to talk about what you do in a way that generates interest among your target market.
I am notoriously bad at finishing programs I sign up for (bright shiny objects syndrome coupled with busy family schedule). But I was hopeful I could do this. ... The Force program had easy to complete modules that helped me to refine my simple compelling message and that alone has been a game changer. I use my simple compelling message as my “elevator pitch” or introduction and it really attracts attention. I developed my hand raising free offer and I’m super excited about that. Plus I’ve learned a very doable way to connect with my target audience on LinkedIn and that has been successful! So overall, it’s one of the best programs I’ve done in terms of being able to use the material right away and having a major impact on my business."

- Alicia Berberich
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"You know you'll be held accountable and that's the 1st time I've seen this executed as promised."
"It became clear that Dov and his team do things different.

Real interest and interaction in the closed group, on their own platform, not some FB group.

Personal, individualized tracking of your results. You better not be late on an assignment because they will hunt you down…in a good and friendly way ;-)...."

- Faroshia Bergraaf
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"Dov is great at stripping this one month program to only the ESSENTIALS."
"I am just finishing the four week program this week, and here is what I already got from it —

1. A LOT more clarity around who I want to work with and how I help them. And how to state that succinctly in the client’s language.

2. A clear and simple plan of how to engage with and ultimately sell to more prospects.

3. A greater sense of confidence, ease, and focus when I am talking to prospects and referral sources about what I do."

- Jeff Munn
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Troy Martin is a different kind of consultant: He helps people retrofit their homes with central vacuum cleaning systems.

Troy took over a family business from his father, but he wanted to transition to a different sort of client.

But the clients he enjoyed working with the most were harder to find and harder to convert.

Together we devised a plan that is...

Elegant. Repeatable. Even enjoyable.

"I was about to sign with a really big marketer 'to take my business to the next level'. It was going to strap me of all cash flow for the next year, preventing me from doing a lot of things I wanted to, all in the name of 'setting me up right' by 'building a brand.'

Thank G-d, I had a last minute intuitive feeling to consult with Dov for one hour. He saved me thousands of dollars, because he worked through my messaging for the new branding and created a totally different name and message, one that brought a packed open-house, incredible feedback and everyone wanting more.

What I was trying to accomplish in the last year and a half, he did in one hour!

If you are like me, who thought they got the most out of Dov Gordon's emails and don't need to spend any money on 1 on 1 coaching, think again!"
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Rachel Lewin
Social Communications Coach

"For me, it’s been a massive shift. Massively useful. It’s the difference between sounding like everyone else and sounding like someone who cares, who can help, and who can attract the right kind of person."
"Now, I have a process so that instead of having to chase after people constantly, I can stand my ground and say ‘This is what I do.’

I now feel confident that my message is going to be heard and that my hard work is going to reap the rewards I seek."

- Tony Mazzotti
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"Dov is amazing. Two things I really really appreciate and respect about him are the fact that he cares so much about his clients, and he has this brilliant strategic mind that’s just so good at zeroing in on what’s most important and figuring out solutions to issues that really matter.

Both of those things are rare. I know a fair amount of people that have one or the other of those traits, but it’s very rare to find both of them at once.

(In fact, it’s so rare I’ll share with you that I’ve actually tried on multiple occasions to get Dov to leave his business and come work for me in my company. I even tried to buy his business just to get him to join me, but he’s very committed to the work that he does on his own for his clients. So that was a non-starter, but I hope he was flattered at least.)

Really there are very few people in the online world or elsewhere that I respect and appreciate as much as Dov. So if you’re thinking about working with him in some way - consider this my glowing endorsing vote of confidence."

Danny Iny
Founder & CEO of Mirasee
"I asked Dov to help me do some things to move my business to the next level.... I've been doing consulting for about 15 years, I've closed millions of dollars worth of contracts, and I thought I was pretty good at having a sales conversation with a potential client. But we made a few little tweaks based on his Elegant Sales Conversation model, and within the first week I closed a new client for double my normal fee...

If you're thinking at all about needing to get more sales and close more effectively and have clients that are just sitting in that meeting, waiting to give you money, then you need to pay attention to this training, because the way that Dov has put it together is very powerful."

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The Unstoppable CEO
Steve Gordon (no relation)

"Dov has a great way of cutting through the fog, and getting to the heart of what needs to be done to attract your ideal client...

Dov does a great job monitoring your progress and makes sure you stay on track.

While many are satisfied once they get your credit card, and happy if you drop the ball and don’t bother them, Dov is not...  He will push you until you are clear in your approach and on the path of success."

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Sheldon Mayer
Consultant Attorney

How Nick Jervis sent four emails and got four new clients:

Nick Jervis is a UK based marketing consultant and someone I'm proud to count amongst my clients.

Nick's goal when he came to me was to attract a steady, consistent, predictable flow of his ideal clients.

He wanted to set up a marketing system that would bring him a new consultancy client each week. Four per month.

And so that's what we set out to do. Oh, and it's also what we DID! Listen to our conversation here:

"I have had a major boost in confidence because this was the marketing and personal step I needed to take...
I’ve got more personal power and new and old clients are feeling that power."
"Force was excellent for me because it matched my need to get over marketing overwhelm and create a repeatable system that will work with different offerings.  And Dov and his team do their part with smiles, understanding and not one ounce of impatience or arrogance..."

- Bob Beverley
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"BOOM! After 4 weeks, I know my audience, I've designed a program... To say your caring is palpable doesn't even come close to describing it."
"I have never experienced anything like The Alchemist Entrepreneur. Personal attention? I can’t count the ways I have received coaching and feedback.  And not just any coaching and feedback, but Insightful and SPOT ON. Direct and clear. Said and done. You guys are simple and clear geniuses."

- Chavah Golden
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